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“When I first went to you I was a little apprehensive and uncertain but you made math easier and less aggravating. You gave me a good base in math and good study habits. “
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  • You will get better grades with our caring tutors and proven techniques
  • You know it’s important to complete your assignments on time. We use the assignments you already have as the centerpiece of our approach rather than adding new work onto your workload.
  • Our Foundations of Learning Forums give you the tools to become a better student.
  • Because you value your free time, you want to become more efficient in your schoolwork.
  • College is important to you and you know getting into a university is very competitive. Our College Planning Forums will help you and your family work together to begin the preparing now.
  • You know that if you do your best schoolwork now you will increase your chance of college acceptance and have more options. We work together with you and help you achieve the goals you set yourself so you will begin to feel a sense of confidence in your ability to do excellent in school.
  • Your AP classes are really challenging but by doing well in them you can save you and your parents thousands of dollars in your freshman year tuition.
  • The amount of time you spend in school during your elementary, middle school, high school and college years is nearly 1/3 of your life. You want to make sure you excel so you will look back and feel great about what you have accomplished.

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  • CNN (the Cable News Network)
  • BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Google News (Search 4,000 continuously updated news sources) (
  • ABC News (The American Broadcasting Company)


  1. Humanities: Language, Literature, History, Geography, & Art


  1. Math, Economics, Science & Exploration Sites


  1. Government, & Miscellaneous Useful Sites

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