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As a Full Service Educational Program, we provide all the services necessary to help your child succeed on the road towards their college education.

“Our daughter was on the verge of failing her honors algebra class. Thanks to the caring tutors and guidance she received at Study Depot, she brought her grade up. I wish I had started the tutoring sooner!”
-  Mother of a 10th grader,

“We have referred a number of students to Study Depot and received positive feedback and received positive feedback through our student’s success”
-  Ron & Jill Lenc Teachers,
    La Costa Canyon High School

You will see more optimism and a Stronger Sense of Direction as your child benefits from using Study Depot’s Integrated Learning System.

You will see more college options and opportunities for success developing as you and your child work together in our College Planning Forums and learn proven study techniques in our Foundation of Learning Forums.

Call us at 760 632-0242 to learn more about you can save thousands of dollars while increasing your child’s chances of getting into a great college.

Our Educational Resource Articles and Links will help you stay current with important changes and recognize critical local, state, & federal issues that affect our children. Some of the areas you might find covered here are SAT’s, Exit Exam, legislative changes and more.

Benefits from using Study Depot’s Integrated Learning System.

Working with your child’s teachers and their current school assignments- without adding to their workload-is the centerpiece of how we approach tutoring at Study Depot.

  • Our Learning Action Plan© will provide your child with the opportunity to succeed.
  • Our Learning Action Tools© are designed so students will excel in current classes and develop the self-assurance needed for continued success.
  • Assignments are kept current, thus improving their overall performance!
  • Working together with caring tutors during the week and on the weekend, you will see your child become more confident as his/her grades steadily improve.
  • As your child develops more confidence, other areas of life will become more manageable and exciting.
  • You will see a more positive attitude both at home and at school with our Proven Techniques and Study Skills
  • Balance in life comes with the increased organization and focus that we teach in our Foundation of Learning Forums.

You Will See More College Options and Opportunities for Success Developing

In today’s competitive world it is becoming increasingly important to provide your child with an advanced education. At Study Depot we work together with your family to create a more positive focus on advanced education.

  • Your child will become more positive about college as their goals become clearer and more attainable.
  • You will see Increased Confidence and Motivation as your child begins to take control of their academic future.
  • Student’s grades will improve with specialized attention from skilled and compassionate tutors.
  • Your child’s college choices will expand with our excellent Advanced Placement and Honors-Level Tutoring.
  • Beginning with our Roadmap to College Forum, students and parents see their educational goals become a reality.
  • Our Powerful Foundation of Learning Forums will teach your child the techniques of a master student and the lifelong skills every adult must have.
  • The Study Depot EXTRA MILE College Scholarship Fund is designed to provide opportunities for community service, develop the sense of academic excellence, and help students see the possibility of using their academic skills to manage their college tuition.
  • Dramatically reduce college costs by using our Advance Placement Tutoring.
Call us at 760 632-0242 to learn more about you can save thousands of dollars while increasing your child’s chances of getting into a great college.

Educational Resource Articles and Links

As North County parents ourselves, we have been involved in this community for decades and understand the important issues. Check here often for updates, we will be adding new information regularly. We will be working hard to keep you up to date with some of the best information available.

  • The California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)is on the minds of many parents, as children will be required to pass these comprehensive exams beginning in the 2003-2004 school year. Download ExitExam.
  • The New Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I) has undergone a dramatic overhaul in response to strong criticism from a number of universities, including the bulk of the U.C. system. (Download ExitExam.pdf)
  • Dramatic Cuts in Education Budget Proposed by Governor Davis Union Tribune staff writer Ed Mendel, in his December 7, 2002 article “A $10 Billion Bite; Davis outlines painful budget cuts; schools would take the biggest hit”. There will be a dramatic impact on both state and local levels. (Download Budgetcuts.pdf )
  • The Marco Polo Educational Foundation 
    One of the most exciting developments on the web is the creation of the Marco Polo Educational Foundation. This non-profit organization has established a series of websites with a vision of using the true power of the Internet as a resource for parents, students, and teachers alike. Below is their home site and several of the partner sites that we believe you will find both useful and engaging. The sites span many topics and are some of the best we could find available in their respective fields of study. Virtually all of these sites have curricula, lessons, and activities available in multi-disciplinary fashion available. We strongly encourage exploration in these sites for anyone who loves education. (Download MarcoPolo.pdf)

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As parents we must stay involved, understand, and participate in our educational system in order to be must able to help our children. One way to do this effectively is to learn more about the accountability standards and how each of our schools is changing. As the state budget changes, there may be ways for us to participate and help our teachers remain effective so the school can continue to help our children in every way possible. This site, provides a wealth of information for parents to help them understand the current performance standards each school is attempting to strive to meet and the extent to which they have accomplished this goal. California schools – elementary, middle and high school information 

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