Who We Are

Study Depot–founded in 1999 by Colleen and David Christopher– provides comprehensive supplementary education for elementary, middle, and high school children in North San Diego County.

Thank you Study Depot, “My daughter went from a D+ to a B+ in pre-algebra during the 7th grade and now has the confidence and (the) foundation to get to the next level with ease.”
-  Melanie Gascoyne,
    Parent, La Costa

At Study Depot we work hard to be the #1 Educational Resource for your family in North County. If you are considering our services, we invite you to read Our Guiding Philosophy Statement and Our 12 Guiding Principles of Business. This is our commitment to you.

As professional educators and committed business owners, Colleen and David Christopher provide a dynamic and supportive environment for your children and they are the nucleus of The Leadership Team at Study Depot.

Your child will become more confident and organized with focused attention from our Expert Tutors.

Students produce quality work and feel more successful when they work in an Optimal Learning Environment: Welcome to Study Depot.

Guiding Philosophy Statement

“We believe children are inherently compelled to go the extra mile in life once they experience the possibilities and reap the rewards of taking those extra steps in any area of their lives. We are committed to traveling the extra mile with students in their academics, and believe this will translate to a lifelong quest for excellence”.
-David & Colleen Christopher

Guiding Principles of Business

Study Depot endeavors to be the #1 Educational Resource for your family in North County. In order to accomplish this know we must:

1) Address the needs of North San Diego County Families and Students 
Specializing in this geographic area insures our knowledge of the curriculum and familiarization with each of the schools, their teachers and cultures.2) Demonstrate Integrity
The foundation of our reputation is our integrity as demonstrated by the service we provide, the success of our students, the satisfaction of our parents and the respect of the local academic and business communities.3) Practice Professionalism 
Interacting on a daily basis with teachers, parents, and students, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism.

4) Control Costs and Provide Excellent Value
We provide the highest quality tutoring in the most cost effective combination of venues possible. We strive to be the best tutoring service, not the cheapest.

5) Hire and Train Excellent Instructors
Because our tutors must be able to work with each student’s coursework, it is imperative that we hire the best. Along with high-level expertise in content areas, our staff of expert educators thoroughly enjoys being part of the process of teaching and relishes time spent with their students.

6) Develop and Support Synergistic Relationships with Parents, Students, Teachers & Tutors and Maintain High Levels of Accessibility and Communication
Our mission is to be educational partners with students, parents and teachers. Consistent three-way communication with each student’s teacher and their parents supports the students in their academic life resulting in current information being known and acted upon if necessary. We are accessible by email atsuccess@StudyDepot.com, maintain a website at www.StudyDepot.com, and are available by phone or fax at (760)632-0242.

7) Provide the Most Effective Learning Environment Possible
In order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of each student’s learning experience, we are committed to providing the best leaning environment possible. Our goal is that students feel respected and supported for the academic work required of them.8) Increase Student’s Efficiency in Managing Assignments and Improving Grades
The centerpiece to Study Depot’s approach to tutoring is working with a student’s current curriculum, rather than adding to their workload. Through a variety of tutoring venues, students learn relevant subject area material and study strategies, which lead them to work smarter not harder.9) Provide a Comprehensive Foundation of Learning Skills
The Study Skills and Lifelong Learning Strategies we teach provide students with the academic foundation for college and a life of learning excellence

10) Promote Early College Planning & Academic Excellence 
Early exposure to college creates a direction toward that goal. Students and parents receive the information they need to plan for college and the motivation to act on the information.

11) Establish Community-Based Scholarships and Community Service Opportunities
The Study Depot EXTRA-MILE Scholarship Fund assists a few extraordinary students with reaching their college goal and gives any student who is interested, an opportunity to amass numerous community service hours.

12) Encourage a Balanced Approach to Life and School 
Our ultimate goal is to spend time with our family and live a quality life. We promote this for all our students and their families.

Our Leadership Team

Colleen Christopher, M.A., M.Ed. is a dynamic educator and communicator and is known for her ability to motivate students of all ages. She has over 30 years experience as an educator and has taught in a variety of settings. As a credentialed teacher, Colleen’s Masters in Education enhanced her students’ learning experiences. Her work teaching Speed-Reading and Advanced Learning Techniques in corporate and military settings added to her teaching repertoire. Colleen gained her second Masters Degree and the subsequent license in Marriage and Family Therapy as a means of developing a deeper understanding of communication styles and skills as well as family dynamics.

Integrating all of these tools and combining them with her passion-the quest for quality education for children-is her primary goal as Director of Educational Services and Co-Owner of Study Depot.

David Christopher, M.S., M.A. is an educator with more than 25 years experience who serves as an adjunct faculty member at Palomar College and a consultant at to Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He is a highly sought after public speaker and lecturer. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, he has extensive background working with adolescents and parents. As a graduate of one of the finest schools in the country—University of California at San Diego—David understands the importance of academic excellence. David is the Director of Operations and Co-Owner of Study Depot.

While creating the model of an individualized educational program at Study Depot, they have actively worked to enhance the educational community. They created the Study Depot “EXTRA MILE” College Scholarship Fund in fall of 2002, established the Fund as an Official Charity of the San Diego Marathon within weeks, and will run in the Marathon for the second year in a row on January 19th, 2003. Leadership, innovation, and absolute commitment to excellence form the heart of Study Depot’s ownership group.

To learn more about how to get involved with the scholarship contact: 
David Christopher 
760 632-0242

Expert Tutors

“Our Tutors Love to Teach and Our Students Benefit from Their Enthusiasm.”

Our tutors are committed to the success of their students and even more importantly, to each student developing a sense of academic mastery. The capacity to work with a wide range of students, supporting students in completing their work in a timely fashion while building excellent study habits at home is essential.

Some of our qualifications include advanced degrees, educational certifications, teaching experience & knowledge of current educational trends and methodologies.

We are always interested in talking to possible new team members. If you are a dynamic teacher who enjoys working with average to above average students and are confident you can bring out the best in children, we would like to meet you. Drop us a note and introduce yourself care of:

Colleen Christopher, M.Ed.
Director of Educational Services
Study Depot, Inc.
7750-H El Camino Real
La Costa, California 92009

Optimal Learning Environment: Welcome to Study Depot

Every aspect of the learning environment was planned and implemented to enhance the student educational experience. The lighting, furniture, materials, colors, plants and artwork were all chosen with the student in mind. Experts in space management and Feng Shui were consulted before decisions were made regarding the development of the resultant learning environment.

The outcome is an environment that promotes alertness, comfort and an ease of retention. Students and Staff enjoy the time they spend at Study Depot.