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As teaching partners, often working with the same students, we provide this forum as a means of sharing information regarding recent trends, scholarship opportunities, general academic information and resources.

“We found the entire staff at Study Depot friendly and genuinely concerned about our son and his success.”
-  Jo Lynn Frodsham,
    Mother, Carlsbad

How Study Depot works together with local teachers

The Study Depot EXTRA MILE College Scholarship Fund

“What is the Study Depot “EXTRA MILE” College Scholarship Fund?” you ask. It is a brand new non-profit scholarship emphasizing excellence in mathematics and writing in our local North County schools. Through the support of individuals, businesses and corporate sponsors of our marathon runs, we will go the EXTRA MILE so that our students can have the opportunity to go the distance in their education. Creating endowed scholarships that allow our North county students to demonstrate and benefit from their excellence is our goal. Parents are also welcome to get involved.

Community service is important for students and is a key role of the scholarship. We are currently looking for more students, parents, and teachers to join in and volunteer to help at the San Diego Marathon on January 19, 2003. Download our sign-up sheets to learn more about how to get involved. During the next few weeks the website for the scholarship will be completed and you can learn more about the background, vision, direction, and how to really help this great scholarship program that one of your students might win.

Give your students the tools to begin thinking like a college student. Download this Powerful List with Twenty Suggestions for Top Grades and a whole lot more.

Our Educational Resource Articles and Links will help you stay current with important changes and recognize critical local, state, & federal issues that affect our children. Some of the areas you might find covered here are SAT’s, Exit Exam, legislative changes and more.

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How Study Depot works together to support local teachers

  • The Decision:
    • Our approach provides the student with the opportunity to take ownership and make the personal choice to be involved.
    • We begin with the student making a decision to improve their grades.
    • As long as the parent and the child are working together, we are generally able to help them find success.
  • A Paradigm Shift:
    • As students realize they are competing against tens of thousands of other students as well as their own tendency to do the minimum necessary to get by, they have a chance to reevaluate how they approach education, homework, preparation, and most importantly, life.
    • Realizing that they will be involved with education for nearly one third of their life, many students begin to make different decisions about how they want to look back upon those years.
  • Educational Maturation:
    • Students with increased focus, clarity of purpose and academic direction feel a sense of commitment.
    • They are embarking on a process of maturation that will change how they see themselves and respond to others.
  • Mastery:
    • Students are encouraged to see their teachers as allies assisting them as they master the coursework.
    • Learning to see their classes more as a great job opportunity & developing the skills necessary to use all the tools available to excel at that job are key developmental tasks.
  • Communication and Involvement:
    • At various stages throughout academic development, students discover more and more about the value of communication.
    • We encourage active and open communication styles and skill development for students with their parents, instructors, tutors, and friends.
    • We attempt to model and promote our belief in the importance of good communication through our own efforts to maintain an open relationship and connection with a student’s parents and teachers.
    • We understand the Policy Statements in the local districts, make sure that our communications are well within all Policy Guidelines and appreciate your referrals.
  • Follow-through:
    • Students are encouraged to develop stronger relationships with their teachers and use the tools available to them more effectively.
    • Our Learning Action Plan helps students identify areas they want to emphasize in their educational development and the Learning Action Tools we provide assists them in moving towards those goals.
    • College Planning Forums bring the student and family together and help them begin the process of seeing education as a family concern.

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